• I have worked with all age level students - preschool, elementary , middle school, high school, students in transition programs, college students, veterans, and college graduates!

  • I understand the inner workings of school systems.

  • I can see the big picture and help develop short term interventions with long term goals
    in mind.

  • I am a parent and very family oriented.

  • I am sensitive to the social emotional impact of students’
    learning difficulties on students and their families.

  • I help students understand their strengths and difficulties and the importance of building resilience and grit. It is essential that students stay healthy in body and mind, appropriately self advocate, and grow in independence.

  • I have a unique interest area – animal assisted therapy and developed curriculum in AAT.

  • I am extremely conscientious, reliable, and knowledgeable of current educational practices.

  • I strongly believe in using my talents and skills for the good of others!